What people are saying about us


“It was one of the hardest decisions to leave my husband and four kids especially with Christmas coming up and I didn’t want to be away from my family. However, after many conversations and debating back and forth (not only with myself, with my team and my husband), I knew I really needed to go because I couldn’t do it at home.

While at Ai Pono I faced my biggest fears around food, self image, self esteem, self confidence, and they helped me confront/work on my past traumas. They helped me realize I am worth fighting for and pushed me to challenge my Voldemort voice!”

- K.C.

“This program played an important role in my recovery, mainly with a support with behavioral intervention, normalization of eating/relationship to food, connection to my intuition and identity, and psychological challenges along with those.

They provided me with a very individualized care and accommodated my needs as a student who had to study for and take final exams while at the facility.”

- Former patient, anonymous

“I am so thankful that Vida was the first to pick me up from the airport. She had an energy, kindness, and genuine concern that allowed me to feel more at ease. I had quite a bit of anxiety about meeting with Taylor as I do not like to relinquish control of food to somebody who “thinks” she knows what is she doing. To be honest it took me some time to build trust in Taylor but it happened more easily as I felt comfortable to share my fears and concerns with her. I did not feel judged or embarrassed, rather understood. She is the coach I need to give me the direction when the eating disorder tendencies creep up.”

- J.N.


“I really like what I see happening at this facility. There is a caring staff comprising of a dietician, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses & doctors who interact on each patients behalf. If I was sending someone to a place for help with an eating disorder, this would be it.”

- Teraysa Guinasso, Founder and CEO Girl Power 4 Life & Transcend with Teraysa

“After just having returned from two months at Ai Pono as a Visiting Therapist, I can say with confidence that this facility has something truly special to offer. From the moment you step through the gate, it feels like a home. The small size, the genuine warmth of the staff, and the intimate nature of the groups- it is a treatment family. To other professionals, if you’re ever in the area of Maui, make it a point to coordinate a visit. Although my stay was short, Ai Pono was certainly an integral part of my journey and I was privileged to witness how it served as such to patients as well.”

- Alexandra Perkinson, M.P.S.

More detailed reviews can be found at EDTAC - Eating Disorders Treatment Accountability Council or by visiting our Facebook page.